The first step of your new dreamlife

Are you a foreign investor looking to invest in Brazil but you are not sure how to begin and are afraid to navigate such a complex system with no prior knowledge on how to do so?

Join this 12-session mentoring program designed to guide you through the intricacies of investing in Brazil and acquiring your investor visa.

Who is this for?

This mentoring program is perfect for foreign investors who want to invest in Brazil and obtain an investor visa. Whether you’re just starting or have some experience, this program will help you navigate the Brazilian investment landscape with confidence and make sure you execute it in the shortest time viable.

Who is this not for?

This program is not for individuals looking for quick fixes or overnight success. It requires dedication, commitment, and a willingness to learn and adapt to the Brazilian market.


What you get

12 weekly group sessions via Zoom, where we’ll address the key challenges foreign investors face when investing in Brazil

A step-by-step guide to executing your investment project in Brazil efficiently and successfully

Expert guidance and feedback to help you align your investment strategies for optimized results in execution, ensuring that your investment plan is not only well-informed but also effectively implemented

Access to a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, providing a supportive network for your entrepreneurial journey

Opportunity for meaningful exchanges with fellow participants, fostering learning and growth through shared experiences

Possibility to connect with potential partners or collaborators who share your vision and goals


The program has a duration of 3 months, with 12 weekly live online sessions. This allows for in-depth discussions and the opportunity to implement strategies between sessions.


Sessions with renowned business experts  invitees that will have the oportunity to clarify key points on how to get your investiment project going in Brazil without setbacks

Access to exclusive resources and tools to enhance your investment journey in Brazil

Networking opportunities with other foreign investors and industry experts

Beach Front Real Estate Acquistion Seminar: The keypoints for success with an Expert Invitee with over 24 years of experience in the field

Strategic Tax Planning Seminar: Learn the most actual tax strategies to optmize your revenue in Brazil

Lígia Barroso - Foreign Investment and Immigration Expert

Ligia Barroso has over 14 years of experience in Law Practice and the Brazilian market, renowned for her ability to turn dreams into reality. Graduated in Law School at the University of Fortaleza to get a Master Degree in Law at the University of Lisbon – Portugal. With a portfolio boasting over 100 successful business setups, ranging from vibrant kiteboarding schools to cozy small restaurants and sprawling 48-room hotels, Ligia has a proven track record of helping people from diverse nationalities and backgrounds establish their new dream life in Brazil. Her expertise, coupled with a deep understanding of the local business landscape, makes her the ideal partner for those seeking to embark on their Brazilian entrepreneurial journey.

Why choose this mentoring program?

Over the past 14 years I’ve had the privilege of assisting numerous clients as they embarked on their life dreams, often starting with a small spark of desire for a lifestyle that would allow them to turn their passion into a livelihood.

For many, moving to Brazil represents a life-changing decision, involving the investment of their savings into a new chapter filled with challenges and uncertainties, yet brimming with passion and expectations for a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Being surrounded by likeminded entrepreneurs who share similar goals can be incredibly empowering. This environment fosters a sense of community and support, driving personal and professional growth. 

Within this group, you can exchange experiences, learn from others, and gain new insights that inspire and motivate you to reach new levels of success. The collective energy and shared knowledge of the group can propel your progress. 

Additionally, having an expert’s guidance will further empower you, creating the momentum needed to start shaping and living your dream life as an entrepreneur.


  1. Introduction to Brazilian Investment Landscape: Overview of Brazil’s economy, investment opportunities, and challenges.
  2. Legal and Regulatory Framework: Understanding the legal requirements and regulations for foreign investors in Brazil.
  3. Market Research and Opportunity Identification: Conducting market research to identify investment opportunities in Brazil.
  4. Financial Planning and Investment Strategies: Developing a financial plan and investment strategies tailored to your goals.
  5. Business Setup and Registration: Guidance on setting up a business entity in Brazil, including registration and legal requirements.
  6. Taxation and Accounting: Understanding the tax system and accounting practices in Brazil for foreign investors.
  7. Risk Management and Mitigation: Strategies for managing and mitigating risks associated with investing in Brazil.
  8. Real Estate Investment: Overview of the real estate market in Brazil and guidance on investing in properties.
  9. Networking and Partnerships: Building a network of contacts and partnerships in Brazil to support your investment endeavors.
  10. Cultural and Language Tips: Tips for navigating the cultural and language differences in Brazil to enhance your business interactions.
  11. Case Studies and Success Stories: Learning from real-life case studies and success stories of investors in Brazil.
  12. Finalizing Your Investment Plan: Putting together all the knowledge and insights gained into a comprehensive investment plan for Brazil.

Each chapter includes a mix of presentations, experts invitees, case studies, and practical tools to ensure a comprehensive learning experience for the participants.


Your life dream may start small, comming from a wish for a life style that allows you to make a living out of your passion.

Moving to Brazil represents the move of your life, possibly investing all of your savings into this new chapter, full of challenges and uncertainties but filled up with passion and expectations in the search of a more fullfilled lifestyle.

Navigating the system of a whole new country, with it’s very own culture and burocracy can be challenging that doesn’t have to be the barrier that will stop your dream from turning into reality.

Investing in this program means that you will get the knowledge necessary to format a lifechanging plan that will ally the lifestyle you dream of with the necessary means to build your sucessfull business in Brazil.

The investment in joining this program is a small price to pay for the invaluable time and money you’ll save, also the knowledge and insights you’ll gain to build your new life chapter in Brazil turning that dream into a reality executed with  confidence, assertiveness and success.

Join the new group of sucessfull enterpreneurs who will begin to build their dream life in Brazil and find out about this very special conditions we are offering for the select group that will be in the first class of the “Brazil Investment Navigator: The Group Mentoring Program”


Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in your future in Brazil. Join the first class of Brazil Investment Navigator: The Group Mentoring Program today and take the first step towards making your dream life a reality in Brazil.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the structure of the mentoring program? Structure: The mentoring program consists of 12 weekly group sessions via Zoom, focusing on key challenges foreign investors face when investing in Brazil. It also includes a step-by-step guide to creating and executing your investment project in Brazil efficiently and successfully.


  1. How many sessions are included in the program and what is the duration of each session? The program includes 12 weekly sessions. Each session is expected to last approximately 1:30 hour, allowing for in-depth discussions and the opportunity to implement strategies between sessions.


  1. What topics are covered during the mentoring sessions? Topics Covered: The program covers a wide range of topics, including market analysis, legal and regulatory overview, financial planning, business setup, taxation, risk assessment, real estate investment guidance, networking, partnership development, and immigration setup.


  1. How will the mentoring sessions be conducted (e.g., in-person, online)? The mentoring sessions will be conducted online via Zoom or equivalent plataform. This format allows for easy access from anywhere in the world and provides a convenient way for participants to engage with the content and interact with the mentor and other participants.


  1. Can the program be customized to suit my specific investment goals and needs? Customization: No. This program is a group mentoring program that will cover the base of a range of topics that are necessary in order to put together an investment plan in Brazil. For customizable and exclusive program you may find our STRATEGIC INVESTMENT BLUEPRINT: THE EXCLUSIVE CONSULTING FOR INVESTING IN BRAZIL, the consulting program that will draft your investment plan specifically tailored to your needs.


  1. Will I have access to resources or materials to support my learning and investment journey? Resources and Materials: Participants will have access to exclusive resources and tools to enhance their investment journey in Brazil. These may include guides, templates, and other materials to support their learning and decision-making process.


  1. How will progress be tracked and measured throughout the program? Progress Tracking: Progress will be tracked and measured throughout the program through regular check-ins, feedback sessions, and the development of a comprehensive investment plan.


  1. What qualifications and experience do the mentors have in the field of foreign investments in Brazil? Mentor Qualifications: The mentor has over 14 years of experience in foreign investments and immigration in Brazil, with a proven track record of successfully establishing over 100 businesses in the country. She is highly qualified and experienced in guiding foreign investors through the complexities of investing in Brazil.


  1. Are there any success stories or testimonials from past participants of the program? Success Stories: While specific testimonials or success stories have not been fully disclosed due to the confidentiality of the activities, there will be testimonials and seminar organized with inverstors that already have made the move and will speak to to inspire participants to also achieve their investment goals in Brazil.


  1. What is the cost of the mentoring program and what payment options are available? The investment for the program can be fully paid in Credit Cards, online on the website.


  1. How will the program help me navigate the legal and regulatory aspects of investing in Brazil? The program will help participants navigate the legal and regulatory aspects of investing in Brazil by providing expert guidance and resources specific to their investment goals. This includes understanding the legal requirements for foreign investors, compliance with local regulations, and advice on structuring investments to minimize legal risks.


  1. Will I have the opportunity to network with other foreign investors and industry experts during the program? Participants will have the opportunity to network with other foreign investors and industry experts during the program. This networking can provide valuable insights, connections, and potential partnerships to enhance their investment experience in Brazil.


  1. How does the program address challenges specific to investing in Brazil, such as language barriers or cultural differences? The program addresses challenges specific to investing in Brazil, such as language barriers or cultural differences, in several ways. Firstly, our team includes experts who are fluent in multiple languages, including English, Portuguese, and others, ensuring clear communication and understanding throughout the program. Secondly, we provide cultural insights and guidance on navigating Brazilian business customs, helping participants bridge cultural gaps and build effective relationships with local partners and stakeholders.


  1. Can the program help me identify and assess investment opportunities in Brazil? Yes, the program will help participants identify and assess investment opportunities in Brazil. Through market analysis and expert guidance, participants will gain insights into potential investment areas and how to evaluate them for suitability and profitability, as well as risk assessment.


  1. Will I receive ongoing support and guidance after the program has ended? Post-Program Support: Yes, participants will have access to the forum tool to exchange their commom questions, share their challenges and receive ongoing support and guidance after the program has ended for the period of 1 year.


The legal warranty provided in this program is that participant may regret their decision at any moment for 7 days and request full refund. Additionally, the warranty for the mentoring program includes a satisfaction guarantee. If a participant is not satisfied with the program after the first session, they may request a full refund of their investment. Either way the refund will be processed on the same credit card to which the payment was issued. 


Got any questions?

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