Our Services

We offer a range of legal services in different areas. Some of the main sections of the firm’s practice include immigration, foreign investment, real estate, corporate, intellectual property law, and IT Law.


In the immigration section, the firm provides legal assistance to individuals and businesses seeking to enter or remain in Brazil. This may include helping clients with visa applications, obtaining work permits, and dealing with any immigration-related legal issues that may arise.

Real Estate

The real estate section of the firm offers legal services related to the buying, selling, and leasing of real estate properties. This may include drafting and reviewing contracts, conducting due diligence, and providing advice on real estate transactions.


The corporate section of the firm provides legal support to businesses on a range of matters, including formation and incorporation, contract negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property section of the firm helps clients protect their intellectual property rights, including copyrights, trademarks, and patents. This may include registering and enforcing intellectual property rights, as well as providing advice on intellectual property matters.

Online Solutions

Our office has embraced the globalized world by recognizing that technology is the key to expanding our reach and enhancing the support we provide to our clients worldwide.

By leveraging advanced technology tools and platforms, we have been able to transcend geographical boundaries and offer our services to clients across the globe.

This approach has not only allowed us to stay connected with our clients but has also enabled us to provide more efficient and effective support, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of service, no matter where they are located.