Real Estate Investment in Brazil: the first steps to get the golden visa

house on the beach with blue sky and palm trees all around it. suggests how your real estate investment in brazil can look like

Real Estate Investment in Brazil: the first steps to get the golden visa. 

Ever wondered how convenient would be to have a perfectly located property at the windiest coast of the world? 

One that brings tourists from all over the world every year because there is no better place for practicing water and wind sports such as kiteboarding, windsurfing and wing foiling?

Brazil is a country that offers a range of opportunities for foreign investors looking to purchase property and gain residence permit.

The Real Estate Investment Visa, also known as “Visto de Investimento Imobiliário” or Golden Visa, is an option for those who are seeking to invest in the country’s property market and gain access to the many benefits it has to offer.

The Real Estate Investment Visa was introduced in the Brazilian legal system in 2018, through the Resolução Normativa (RN) 36/18 of the Brazilian  National Council of Immigration (CNIg).


The Real Estate Investiment Visa has the following requirements:

  • Minimum amount invested must be equal or superior than 1.000.000 BRL
  • Properties already built or under construction
  • If located in the North or Northeastern regions of Brazil, minimum investment required may go down to 30% less
  • The investment might be done in multiple properties and the sum of purchases will be taken into consideration on the minimum amount required to apply for the visa


The real estate investment shall be proven by the following documents:

  • “Registro Geral do Imóvel” also known as Matrícula, which is the property title, notarized, and fully paid
  • Registry before the Central Bank of Brazil for the international transaction of payment for the property

Along with those documents the investor must present birth certificate and criminal records certificate both apostilled and sworn translated.


The process is filed before the Ministry for the Justice (Ministério da Justiça) which currently processes all the immigration requests linked to investments and labor.

One of the main benefits of obtaining a Real Estate Investment Visa in Brazil is the ability to live, work and study in the country.

This allows investors to take advantage of the many opportunities that Brazil has to offer, including its growing economy, vibrant culture and rich history.

Additionally, the visa also allows investors to apply for permanent residency of citizenship after a certain period of time.

Purchasing Real Estate in Brazil can be problematic when the investor doesn’t fully understand how the system works in the country, as it can be very confusing even for the locals.

We strongly recommend that potential investors look forward to getting proper legal support from a Lawyer specialized in Real Estate acquisitions.

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We are confident that with our guidance and support, you will be able to successfully establish and grow your business in this dynamic country. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns along the way.

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