Real Estate Due Dilligence: a guide to purchasing properties in Brazil

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Real estate investment in Brazil is a great opportunity to enjoy stunning scenery, a diverse culture, and a growing economy.

However, buying real estate in Brazil is not as simple as in other countries.

In this article we will shortly explain why it is fundamental if you are thinking about acquiring a property on one of those amazing looking 7000km of coast, you understand that it is important  you can ensure that you fully understand the conditions of the property and avoid any issues that may arise in the future.

That way you won’t be shortsighted when it comes down to be precautious and ensuring your dream investment doesn’t become a real nightmare.

That is why a Due Dilligence Study on the property, conducted by a professional should be one of your top priorities when it comes down to drafting a strategy on purchasing real estate in Brazil. 

Due Dilligence studies: What is a Due Diligence Study for Real Estate in Brazil?

A due diligence study for real estate in Brazil is a comprehensive evaluation of the property and its legal status.

The study is conducted by a specialist real estate lawyer and includes a review of the property’s title, taxes, and other relevant documents.

The purpose of the study is to determine if there are any potential legal issues or problems that could arise in the future, such as disputes over ownership or liens on the property.


Why is a Due Diligence Study Important for Property Buyers in Brazil?

Brazil has unique regulations and laws surrounding real estate transactions, which can make buying property there a complex process.

By conducting a due diligence study, you can ensure that you fully understand the conditions of the property and avoid any issues that may arise in the future.

What Should a Due Diligence Study for Real Estate in Brazil Include?

A due diligence study for real estate in Brazil typically includes the following:

Title Review: The first step in a due diligence study is to review the property’s title. This involves checking the property’s ownership history and ensuring that it is free of liens, encumbrances, or other legal issues.

Tax Review: The next step is to review the property’s tax status. This involves checking if all taxes have been paid and if the property is up-to-date with local and national taxes.

Document Review: A specialist real estate lawyer will also review all relevant documents, such as the property’s deed, construction permits, and environmental licenses.

Site Visit: In some cases, a site visit may be necessary to ensure that the property is as described and that there are no physical issues.

The Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer Specialized in Real Estate Acquisitions

One of the key benefits of hiring a lawyer specialized in real estate acquisitions is that they can provide impartial advice and guidance on the transaction.

This can be especially important if you are a foreign investor who is not familiar with the legal and regulatory framework in Brazil.

A specialized lawyer can also help you navigate the dual registration system and ensure that your transaction is completed smoothly and efficiently.

In addition, a specialized lawyer can help you understand the terms and conditions of the sale agreement and negotiate any necessary changes.

They can also help you review any outstanding liens or encumbrances on the property, and advise you on how to resolve any issues that may arise during the transaction.

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We are confident that with our guidance and support, you will be able to successfully establish and grow your business in this dynamic country. 

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