How to Extend Your Tourist Visa in Brazil: A Complete Guide

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You’re currently in Brazil and your tourist visa is about to expire?

Fell in love with this magical country and would like to get yourself a visa extension?

You may be wondering whether it’s possible to legally extend your stay.

I’m a Immigration Lawyer, specialist in Brazilian visas, and am here to provide you with all the information you need to know about how to extend your tourist visa in Brazil.


Can Tourist Visas in Brazil Be Extended?

Tourism is one of the activities regulated by the Visit visa in Brazil.

Visit visas are typically issued for a maximum of 90 days, and they usually cannot be extended beyond that period.

If you overstay your visa, you may be subject to daily fines and even deportation, or other penalties.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule, meaning that some passports may have the perks of being able to extend the 90-day period.


Which Countries Are Allowed to Extend Their Tourist Visas in Brazil?

A tourist can potentially stay in Brazilian territory for up to 180 days every 12 months counted from the first entry.

The Ministry for Foreign Relations in Brazil periodically issues a list of countries that, based on the criteria of reciprocity, are allowed to extend their visit visas for another period of 90 days.

This list is called Quadro Geral de Regime de Vistos Simples (QGRV-Simples) and is available to check on the official website for the Ministry of Foreign Relations.

Portugal, United States, Australia, among other countries are examples of countries that are allowed to extend visit visas in Brazil.


What Is the Legal Basis for Extending Your Visit Visa in Brazil?

The legal base for this extension of visit visa being viable is the art. 20 of Decree 9199/17 that regulates how the Brazilian Migration Law is enforced.

The Migration Law in Brazil, (Law 13445/17) calls the “Visit Visa,” which may be granted to visitors who want to travel to Brazil with no intention of establishing residence in the country.


What Activities Are Regulated by the Tourist Visa?

The activities regulated by the visit visa include tourism, business, transit, art or sports activities, and other situations regulated by law.

However, under no circumstances does the tourist visa give the grantor the right to work in Brazil.

Travel expenses, artistic fees, and competition prizes for arts or sports events are exempted from the prohibition.


What Happens If You Overstay Your Tourist Visa?

If you are over the period of 90 days granted by your visit visa, there is a violation of the tourist visa, with the penalties of a daily fine with the possibility of deportation.

The tourist has the options of leaving the country or making his immigration situation legal, by obtaining a residence permit. 


In Conclusion – Here’s How can you extend your tourist visa in Brazil

Extending your tourist visa in Brazil may be possible, depending on your passport and the activities you intend to carry out while in the country.

Always check the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Relations to know if your passport is eligible for an extension of your visit visa.

If you’re unsure, seek professional help to avoid overstaying your visa and facing potential legal consequences.

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